Berlusconi Market

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  1. Tweedy122 says:

    How do I make a purchase I have bitcoins but how do I transfer my bitcoins so I can make an purchase please

  2. THEVITHAN says:


  3. sharnace says:

    There is a wallet listed under balance. Deposit there. Once you have enough coins, you can use them for a purchase. Pretty simple.

  4. Anonymous says:

    на данный момент все работает, странно что сразу 2 рынка NM и Emperia стали Аферами и пидарасами…
    Админ Берлучи ты сейчас получишь много клиентов и продавцов , пожалуйста не будь Аферистом это принесет свои плоды!!!!! не будь как все …надеюсь все будет отлично

  5. RealPlugRealFriend says:

    sketchy ass market. Do not buy until dread is back up online to let us know which markets are safe. Until then everyone is a risk, and no one is trustworthy. Especially empire. Dont trust Samsara, until they have proven their worth. Right now their listings are sketchy. Ive done my research and been in the drug game for a while. HEED MY WORDS.

  6. attiontion says:

    ATTENTION, READ AND UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You don’t get it! Nightmare links lead you to Empire-Market? No! The Nightmare operators have created pinishing websites that look exactly like Empire-market. That’s why you don’t get BTC because you use the fake Empire-Market websites of Nightmare-Market. fucking use the site Or http://darkfailllnkf4vf.onion/
    The Nightmare operators are doing the biggest exit scam in history. People know that Nightmare makes an exit scam, so they go to the other markets. The operators of Nightmare know that, so they made copies of the other markets and get more and more money from you. You have to use the right verified links from the markets, not the pinishing websites. Copy the message so everyone sees it!

    Verified Links: Or http://darkfailllnkf4vf.onion/

  7. BlackArrow1979 says:

    Are @milburn and @blackmart from BM legit? anyone dealed with them? thnak you for replying ASAP

  8. sarkozy says:

    no no no BlackArrow

  9. mike says:

    i cant get past the captcha after i ordered yesterday

  10. redline2216 says:

    looking for a good shop
    can someone help me ??

    does anyone know the nightmare vendor team sonic?

  11. redline2216 says:

    hi all

    looking for a good shop

    can someone help me ??

    does anyone know the nightmare vendor team sonic?

  12. Nagmet says:

    Bull crap..can’t get past captcha just brings it to start again..anyone else gettin the same??

  13. ClaudiaCatcher says:

    everytime i order something, its berlusconi and agartha.
    berlusconi there a alot of ppl, a big company
    agartha is kinda new and till now i dont got problems
    seems both nice

  14. redline2216 says:

    thx claudiacatcher

  15. thevithan says:

    Has some one gotten some financial product? Does western union transfer work? Can I trust on them?

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