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  1. fisherman420 says:

    is this website legit?i wanna order….but it kinda seems like a scam!Any opinions?

  2. samuel says:

    its legit i use this vendor

  3. DADAWG says:

    Can someone confirm recent pls? Is this site still OK?

  4. Lee Xang says:

    Sent him 330€ for a 3,5g two weeks ago with a destination in ireland and NOTHING showed up. He just took my weeks wages worth of money fuking scammer

  5. Alex says:

    Is that all you earn in a week and spend it all on that shit ???

  6. HazeDaSilva says:

    I ordered from him on Berusconi and it hsan’t arrived after 6 days. He’s telling me nothing can be done, just wait and that he’s got 4 other similar messages he thinks are people scamming…So he’s accused me of being one of them and is obviously not going to help. Fuck this prick. Ordered from Nightmare and arrived NDD same product also UK to UK.

  7. andyP says:

    Yeah this cunt scammed me too

    Dont trust

  8. bompiri says:

    Rude and never respond

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