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  1. Walter says:

    Yes, indeed. Its Scam… I put 10 cents to test which were transfered immediately, another 100 usd never showed up.
    ashame for the whole project, missing dream market ;(

  2. Rodrigo Montalban says:

    Yeah, unfortunately, I just had the same experience. Deposited 120 usd in bitcoin and it was immediately withdrawn…bye bye money! No reply 3 days later to my ticket. Beware! Heard similar stories over at Nightmare before it went belly up!

    • fraz mac says:

      I deposited 120 pounds and it all dissapeared. No withdraw history, no nothing however my spent amount went up by the amount that was taken but it is impossible as I’ve not placed any order since the last one. It has to be a Inside job? I dont want to deposit more incase it happens again, also I’ve sent 4 tickets and mo reply in 6 days from empire.

    • fraz mac says:

      Was this on empire mate? I just deposited 120 uk pounds in coin and it immediately disappeared, I dont know how rhwy can taken it without a trail I.e a withdraw transaction. It literally just disappeared!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Did 2 withdrawal on the same adress. Maybe my mistake….In the FAQ youz can read, if this happened, contact support and they can recover easily. But since of weeks they not answer or any reaction….Very sad!!

    Samsara Market is the new Dream Market guys 🙂

  4. Marco says:

    I am surprised to hear this talk. Between August 10 and August 12 I placed 4 orders on Empire. All in all I deposited about 350 Euros in 3 separate transactions, all without any problems. All my orders were marked as shipped and since then I have already received 2 of them.

    I admit I have not attempted to withdraw funds. But I have any a few dollars on my balance anyways… Perhaps others can share their recent experiences on Empire so we can get to the bottom of this quickly?

  5. Not an idiot says:

    How the hell do you people manage to get scammed so often?

  6. cls22 says:

    does anyone know a trusted vendor that does prepaid cards? everyone wants to deal outwith market and scam me. its getting to the point im ready to give up on this.

  7. Anon says:

    Order shipped on Tuesday just got it today. No issues depositing haven’t withdraw’d yet though

  8. The Far Country says:

    Always keep in mind one thing when using Empire Market: you are operating live, without a net ~ your ass is in your own hands. Empire has been completely, absolutely, and unconscionably bereft, vacuous, and dispossessed of anything resembling a support team (at least for buyers) for at least 4 months now ~ ever since Wall St. was taken down by LEA … Perhaps they think it adds another layer of protection somehow by eliminating all communication with everyone… who knows. Other than that everything works like it always did (except for discontinuing the Daily Lottery and Forum)

    No one seems to have any trouble ~ myself included ~ as long as you enable 2FA and pin code to make purchases. Just remember, you’re on your own: so do everyting perfect and never make a mistake that will require assistance from Empire Support Team … because they do not exist. They totally disregarded at least four urgent messages from me 2 months ago when I had serious issue with a vendor who never shipped.

  9. FreeLars says:

    this is scam such nightmare
    exit scam..
    lost all my bitcoins on both platforms

    try agartha or canazon

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. fraz mac says:

    I deposited bit coins into empire market. About £120 worth, the transaction was successful and I can still see it on my account however all my coins disappeared from my available balance, how can this be? It cant be a phishing site as the wallet address I used was a real empire market address as it’s still the same now as I made this deposit 5 days ago. I have opened 4 tickets to empire with still no response yet they said they only take 24 hours. Is this empire Maeket? If it’s a scammer how would they get them from my account ?

    Is there any other way to contact empire market

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