Tochka Market

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  1. sdsd says:

    I cant believe this market is still up. Their admin uses fake reviews to come off as a great vendor, while all he sells is bullsh*t. Never ever go to this market.

  2. Jalck says:

    TOCHKA is good, you just need to know the right dealers

  3. Uzgajov says:

    Hello my friends. Try me @uzgajov. A had 4,9+ ratings on Wallstreet and Dream but now I need new customers on Tochka. I hope you enjoy my products

  4. plugmann says:

    plugmann is my name on tochka. hope you enjoy my products

  5. cls22 says:

    looking for loaded credit cards, every vendor i speak to wants to either deal outside market or to finalize early. i just want a trusted vendor to deal with if anyone can recommend someone, thanks.

  6. siknaburzgis says:

    are here real vendors who can make real wu transfers, or sell prepaid cards?

  7. Anonymous says:

    is Tochka market still working?
    i can’t connect, to all links the same: “502 Bad Gateway”

  8. Anonymous says:

    i can’t get access to tocka market: 500 Bad Gateway

  9. siknaburzgis says:

    I made offsite deal with high rated vendor, i trusted coz of good his ratings, but it seems he was just a simple scam. i gave all proofs of that deal and scam, so Amin , banned high rated vendor for scam deals offsite. No scam toleration – appreciate Tochka market

  10. theodor says:

    Exit Scam?

  11. Darren Torzyn says:

    i just deposited from my bitcoin wallet to tochka and after an hour nothing

  12. Nash says:

    Who knowns any legit electronics dealer at tocka?

  13. Jason says:

    How do i nuy bitvoins with credit card and make a deal tumble them

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