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  1. Peace_maker says:

    Empire links up

    • anonymous says:

      Cryptonia Market Support scammed me of $1,000. When you put your return address they automatically change it to a different address then cancel the order. poof gone! Buyer beware!!

    • Dan says:

      Empire market? Link where? Need current good market!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know where to buy lab apparatus ?

  3. bila says:

    what its this app ? its one of them run on background end steal bitcoint ?

  4. Jalck says:

    How can i buy bitcoins

  5. _darkvendor47_ says:

    When accessing the dark web or deep web should I use Ethernet or WiFi

  6. stvb says:

    Anyone thinking of purchasing from “localgear9” on Tochka be warned!
    He has scammed me out $1500, didn’t refund or fwd package…LMF
    Does anyone know of an oficial scammers list where I can register his name?

  7. trippletakes says:

    anyone else have issues geting on the dread site? none of the links are working

  8. CraigVadly says:

    You’ve got incredi ble report in this article.

  9. venomm says:

    Hi all!
    i wana buy some CCs dumpz, anyone sell?

  10. Hailey says:

    Deepbay is now on Openbazaar

  11. samuel says:

    people are saying empire and nightmare are exit scamming? if that is true then what market should we be using?? thanks

    • Travelgirl says:

      im pretty sure nightmare is exit scamming i have used one vendor for every order and hes usually super quick to respond and get my order out and wed night he never answered and now i also lost money tried to pull my money out quickly but i was to late also trying to find a reliable market too.

    • Jason says:

      Nightmare shut down it said

  12. trayvon says:

    is bersculoni legit? people are saying nightmare and empire are scams?? it seems like everything is scamming?? WTF

  13. Anonymous says:

    who know alot about hacking ?

  14. jacksons233 says:

    i think i have been scammed by a webiste called easycards has anyone ever heard of that what should i do?

  15. woundedghost says:

    Hey Dread, what is the point of you asking for comments if you are not publishing them?

  16. Dthegod says:

    Cant access dread as of 8/6/19 11:10 UTC. Anyone else having this issue?

  17. snace says:

    Empire’s link used to be the main Nightmare Market link. They are going to pull the same thing Nightmare did.

  18. Anonymous says:

    My experience on Aug 19,
    Empire market is a shit now, I bought 2 tutorials,and only one vendor send me the info. and in 24 hours, they steal my bitcoin balance.

    Deepmarket, don’t buy anything, I bought a giftcard, and never send anything,they stole my BTC.

    Amazon Giftcards, is ascam too, I was scam for this guys.

    Be careful, the mayority of websites are scam,there is no place right now that can fullfill an order

  19. JamesmArce says:


  20. Anonymous says:

    iam searching 4 a list of secret events in east germany any 1 ?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Dread is up for a minute then gets a bad gateway. Any other good forum?

  22. suddervlees braden says:

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  23. r says:

    Is tor run by niggers now? Shit don’t load any .onion site, I’m pretty sure faggot pedo niggers are to blame

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