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  1. abarqx says:

    Message at the site : We’ve gone through the ratrace and we are ready to recover your accounts. For vendors, please make a ticket with your Vendor name and [RECOVER] so we can recover your account. you will need to verify your PGP. Thankyou

    Deposit / Withdrawal issue report is now available in the SUPPORT tab. Everyone that needs to report withdrawal and deposit issue please submit the required details.


    • BushDid911_420 says:

      is the exit scam all a hoax? cause i spent over 600 for a order and i did not receive it

      • abarqx says:

        o fuck, but me too order over 300 $ and did not receive it but moderator writed to me “calm down and wait, we return ur cash”

      • Anonymous says:

        Weve got to give them a chance bro….what do we honestly have to lose. Just dont deposit anymore money

        • Cusbus says:

          Guys, just say bye bye to your invested money and all hopes. It is gone. Nightmare really exit scammed. I lost over $200 myself and it isn’t the first time this happen to me. I recognize exit scam when I see one. It is a bit sad as the Nightmare was just starting to be the mainstream darknet market, getting to the very top popularity-wise… But it is what it is… We all have to deal with it…

        • Anon says:

          Can you tell me how to make or buy a cpn number please

    • bbbhh says:

      sounds like spam to me mate, that message was a while back and no monies are coming back to anyone yet

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nightmare is Down. I hope those bastards burn in hell!! ITS A SCAM abarqx. How dense can you be?

  3. nevermind says:

    im finding samsara market good so far. looks like dream market a bit

  4. MasterofGau says:

    Why did not you shut down the shop long ago when it should be exit scam?

  5. Masterofgau says:

    Why did not you shut down the shop long ago when it should be exit scam?

  6. hackbarten says:

    My Vendors dosen´t reply, and one on a other market says it is a scam… my withdrawl ticket is pending, i keep inform..

  7. Anonymous says:

    Strange exit scam, surely they would close by now? Reviews and ratings going up that say “avoid – exit scam”
    Surely nobody is still depositing money?
    I only ‘lost’ £140 but the drugs were for a friends birthday.

  8. kupsko says:

    how to withdraw less than 0.01 BTC ???

  9. hackbarten says:

    Ok the fuckers delete my withdrawl ticket!! SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM !!! Those Fuckers

  10. Anonymous says:

    EXIT SCAM!!! Don´t send money to these fuckers

  11. BushDid911_420 says:

    so is this the end of markets or what? I have money in my account and its a lost?

  12. DeezNutz123 says:

    how long does withdraw takes cause i just withdrew 170$ and its still pending.

    • Jerry says:

      There is a Withdraw issue they are having no for a lot of users. They created a new support ticket tab JUST for this issue.

      If you log in again today it’ll be one of the notifications at the top.

  13. Anonymous says:

    links no longer work for me

  14. XeNoX says:

    NOOOOO MY 120€ are lost!!!! WHY WHYYYYY

  15. GT says:

    wonder how many money they ripped from scam

  16. Anonymous says:

    I’ve lot 300$ because nightmare is a SCAM

  17. Anonymous_X_10 says:

    Could someone please explain to me that if you had the 2 authentication factor enabled, where you are the only one to have the pvt key to decrypt the msg that is generated by your Public key on Nightmare – how is it possible for Nightmare to steal your btc, without being able to decrypt the msg ? I thought this was a foolproof way to protect anyone from entering your acc? Nightmare has everyone’s password but with the two factor authentication – you are the only one that can decrypt the PGP msg and enter your account – or so I thought?

  18. Jerry says:

    So, I was one of the people with the deposit issue, I didn’t hear anything for 2 weeks, I was yelling Exit Scam too.

    BUT they fixed the issue, my coin showed up in my account, I ordered some adderall (From adderallprosource) and it came successfully.

    if you’re one of the people dealing with bitcoin issues on Nightmare, they appear to be legit, they are just slow as fuck with getting to these issues.

    If there’s a market that works, definitely use it over nightmare, my whole ordeal took 3 weeks before I could get my coin and place my order finally, fuck that shit.

    Also don’t order from adderallprosource, he stopped fulfilling orders out of nowhere.

  19. coinontario says:

    What do you mean down? I can log on just did, or is it not working

  20. BushDid911_420 says:


    • Anonymous says:

      I wanted to check this because changing the pgp keys would be a clear sign that it’s over. I logged in and of the 3 or 4 vendors I use frequently their pgp is the same as the ones I have imported into gnu. Some of these vendors do a lot of business so they’d def be the ones targeted. This isn’t the first time they’ve had problems and recovered, it’s just never been this bad. Time will tell….

  21. Anonymous says:

    Some of the mirrors still work, but none of my orders the past two weeks have been accepted and usually communicative vendors won’t respond to my inquiries. Had a withdrawal couple days ago, still in pending, made a couple more withdrawals today, over 1k at risk for me so fingers crossed it isn’t an exit scam… just when I was getting comfortable here too.

  22. dabber420 says:

    Nightmare withdrawl problems, currently 400$ at stake , everytime i try to withdrawl it says insufficent funds. Im really hoping they can atleast fix the withdrawl and shut down the site after that hacking fuckery that occured, someone update if you were suscessful to withdrawl and does anyone know a adderall vendor thats legit on njghtmare as i doubt anyone will accept orders when they cant even withdrawl…

  23. dabber420 says:

    cant withdrawl keeps saying insufficent funds is there anyone who was sucuessful with withdrawl yet…

    • Marco says:

      no man. same story here. When I try to withdraw my 40 dollars it says the funds earmarked for withdrawal are below the withdrawal limit. since when is 40 dollars considered change and non-withdraw-able?

  24. Mr. Smith says:

    I am able to login and see my orders. I also see that vendors have logged in Thursday and Friday. One of my orders is with one vendor that has logged in on Friday and has not sent it, so I am thinking whether it’s true that vendors don’t send out orders? Other than that everythinng is fine with my balance and orders, so I will wait untill monday to see if it will work or not. Maybe will lose $120 but that’s the risk we all take, no?

    • Marco says:

      I spoke to several straight Vendors and they all consistently deny that they are able to access their accounts. Yet people claim these vendors have been shown as “active” are marked as “logged-in” on Nightmare recently. I think this is a strategy on the part of Nightmare to create as much misinformation as possible and deflect blame to others.

  25. pios says:

    Did anyone successfully withdrew your btc from Nightmare market?

    (in the last day or so?)

    • Marco says:

      no man. When I try to withdraw my 40 dollars it says the funds earmarked for withdrawal are below the withdrawal limit. since when is 40 dollars considered change and non-withdraw-able?

      • Nick says:

        You cannot withdraw and have never been able to withdraw anything below .01 BTC.

        I am attempting to withdraw just over that amount right now, but I don’t like my odds based off of recent comments.

  26. Marco says:

    One of my orders, about 350 USD worth, ended up in a dispute because of bad quality. Nightmare staff gladly opened the dispute but then simply refused to rule on it. For a while, they kept claiming that they were extremely busy and that they would tend to the dispute as soon as they had the time. After about a month, they simply stopped answering my queries about the status of the dispute. Looking back I wish I had never raised the dispute. This way the poor dealer would have gotten his money as opposed to Nightmare’s staff.

  27. Jack says:

    i said in april -may-june ” NM is scam ” …….i said …..”what starts bad ends bad”

    you didn’t believe me

  28. Matthew Ives says:

    I’ve got ( GBP 29.67)
    But it says Minimum possible withdraw is: 0.01 BTC (about GBP 83)
    Does that mean I can’t get my 0.00359743 BTC out ?

  29. Anonymous says:

    i’ve messaged over 10 vendors with no reply for the last week, 3 orders never turned up from trusted vendors as well and now my BTC is stuck in the market….is admin just gone on holidays?!

  30. tictac says:

    yes-if anyone is successful withdrawing funds please let us know

  31. CarlosGomes420 says:

    I ordered july 27 it says its coming in, in 3 days do you think I will receive the order.

  32. Happynewyear2019 says:

    No luck on withdrawal. Vendors didn’t respond to orders or messages, so cancelled and tried to withdraw funds. Withdrawal has been showing pending for a week now. Support Tickets have gone unanswered. Scamming – do not go anywhere near Nightmare

  33. Anonymous says:

    Ordered and had an empty envelope arrive (still sealed) with a note saying the market is now closed…. Odd.

  34. cls22 says:

    does anyone know a trusted vendor that does prepaid cards? everyone wants to deal outwith market and scam me. its getting to the point im ready to give up on this.

  35. thegame says:

    yes dm me

  36. Jimmy says:

    Aug 5 they escalated my ticket and my buddy lut east about a week ago said that they replyed to him saying that it will take a while before anyone gets their funds back and to file multiple tickets do try and be ome of the firsts to get his money back ot dosnt sound like somthing someone would want to say file more tickets but I know hes not lying

  37. FreeLars says:

    lost all my bitcoins there
    same now as empire market
    dont trust both..

    agartha + canazon are nice

  38. An says:

    moj sprzedawca po miesiacu wyslal mi paczke, i napisal ze otrzymal pieniadze, co o tym myslicie ?

  39. ann says:

    Is it worth putting depositing extra to get a withdrawal, i need to put in another $80 to get $160 out. Based on the climate of this site, is it worth the risk putting in extra to get my coin out?

  40. Slow says:

    I do not understand why this market worked very well, but lately the open tickets do not respond and nobody buys at destination. It’s already the second purchase that I don’t get at home and I completely lost my money. So BEWARE OF NIGHTMARE

  41. Yx says:

    after a month my seller sent me a package and wrote that he received the money, what do you think about it?

  42. Tx says:

    I dont Belive to when i see the pack, im Real

  43. ocw says:

    SCAM!! Do NOT deposit ANY FUNDS here!! I’ve been waiting on my withdraw for well over 2 weeks now. $900 stolen by those greedy mongrels

  44. rom says:

    eh is there any chance to find some decent market i lost too but not that much as u guys this time..

  45. Anonymous says:

    Me too wtf is happening. Dream market going down really screwed me up. I can’t find any lsd vendors let alone any good weed vendor. Just stay away from these scambags at nightmare market..

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