Nightmare Market

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  1. Sarah says:

    please call me , Sarah

  2. Moobs says:

    They don’t mind a few dirty tricks for getting away with holding onto money but mostly I think the delays are technical incompetence rather than malice. I had to wait many days for my BCH deposits to come through.

  3. MA says:

    I bought things for NM, so it’s working for me…

  4. ANON says:

    Anyone else not managing to load any links?

  5. Ed says:

    How do I get on the market

  6. anno says:

    yesterday everthing worked good today every link is down

  7. WhitePapi says:

    NM works fine if you understand the BTC deposit rules. There are minimums for the convenience of having a wallet to use thst provides escrow protections.

    Deposit the proper minimums and repsect the marketplace. Your bad experience is not indicitive of every experience.

    I have recieved all of my orders, and all BTC properly deposited has arrived to my wallet.

    Lets grow these marketplaces, not aid their struggle to survive the world trying to destroy them.

  8. Entheogen says:

    NM is down right now, was waiting for deposit to clear and then went down to maintenance!

  9. streethoes05 says:

    i have not made a successful transaction on NM yet i either get scammed or i never receive anything that i purchase

    • Ribbit says:

      1.) Only use escrow 2.) Never finalize early 3.) If it’s too good to be true than it’s a scam.

    • GMX6 says:

      I have the same problem, 5 orders, 2 cancelled, 2 in dispute one outstanding. The first one in dispute has been there for almost 2 months. The vendor has never responded and yet I haven’t had my money refunded. Very discouraged, are these the same people from Dream, I never had a single problem there.

  10. Zerki says:

    Nice , thanks man !

  11. Tot says:

    No links working for me today – Normally they are fine , Anyone else having issue with the links

  12. Toad says:

    Nightmare not operational…down for maintenance? Does this happen often?

  13. Toad says:

    Just placed an order last evening and all seemed to be going smoothly and now this??

  14. Anon says:

    Not working currently, seems like they are down for maintenance

  15. Ema Nymton says:

    This market is NOT (I REPEAT: N O T) a scam!!!

    I ordered about a month ago and everything worked fine!
    I even received twice the amount of goods I ordered. Though this has nothing to do with the management of the Nightmare Market itself, it’s still a great thing! πŸ˜€

    They seem to have troubles with their Monero system lately, though. But be aware that Nightmare has the biggest support for different cryptocoins there ever was on the DN. So instead of bitching and shouting “fraud” without good reason, keep cool, shut up and only complain when you really have a reason to. Street dealers would have smashed your pussys faces already if you talked so much shit about them!

  16. mazzy says:

    Gunit up in here

  17. Ribbit says:

    I agree that NM is not a scam. I’ve made plenty of orders here with no issue. The biggest thing that people don’t realize (even though it tells you fools in bold, red print) is that you MUST deposit AT LEAST .001 BTC. If you do not deposit at least .001 BTC (about 13$ USD) your coins will not show up in your wallet! And please,for the love of god, utilize escrow and do not finalize early.

  18. Noname54 says:

    Has anyone the same Problem wegen ordering Nothing happens wheter its accepted or denied it keeps in awaiting orders. Help pls

  19. azerty says:

    I deposited 450 € 2 weeks ago and still nothing I keep hope

  20. fraicheplush says:

    how long before you can use bitcoin again?

  21. coinking12345 says:

    Any word on why the bitcoin wallet end is disabled? Have a small amount in there and am trying to purchase using bitcoin but obviously cannot deposit/withdraw. Any ideas or news?

  22. JON DOUGH 510 says:

    It’s funny reading all of these complaints about a straight forward Market place like NM… I was super skeptical when I first began dealing with their vendors ( about a month ago)… But after utilizing the escrow, getting super swift responses from support, dealing with some down to earth vendors and receiving all of my BTC to my wallet… I really want to kick some you bitches in the balls πŸ™
    In hopes you come to realize that running a straight forward marketplace in an ILLEGAL field is hard enough, with authorities trying to shut shit down… And now you clowns are throwing dirt on it’s name because you either can’t read the colorful highlights telling your dumb asses NOT TO FE unless you trust the vendor. OR deposit the right amount or lose your coins… OR to check that the onion links match up before you deposit…
    I’m running with Nightmare until it’s really over…
    So all of you conplaining morons, need to kick back, consider yourselves idiots and wait till they fix whatever bugs that have developed.

  23. Piggy says:

    What is the right onion site for NM?

  24. Anonymous says:

    How i can buy drugs?

    • jm8 says:

      Buy btc, create a profile on NM, deposit AT LEAST 0.002 BTC OR THEY WILL BE LOST! go to an offer you like, click buy, add your name and address as well as any other detail to the seller, make sure you click the encrypt box just in case, fill in the captcha and then click buy. That’s it! you need tor browser to access teh site

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey what products are you looking to buy?

  25. el says:

    I CANT GET TRHRU THE 12 PHASE word it wont accept it

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