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  1. Rian says:

    Looking for Val’s, well packaged last seller weren’t taking care, any ideas if you have them

  2. albrony6 says:

    How is this market guys? is it worth using it !! and how about the escows and multisig? any1 has tried them yet??

    • GT says:

      Stay away bro! Agora was a huge exit scam and this mob is using the old Agora logo so better off staying well away unless you want to risk getting robbed

  3. Name says:

    Well, registered, sent some bitcoins to my account, couldn’t login next day (error login 122something), think i just got f*cked in the ass

  4. GT says:

    Agora was a huge exit scam so any other site that resembles Agora in any way, shape or form should be avoided at all costs!!! Those fuckers robbed me of $800 and I will NEVER forget!!!

  5. anon says:

    no heroin or crack!? defo kids running this place lol

  6. Anonymous says:

    no heroin or crack? defo kids running this ship, buying those off dnms actually can save lives the fuckin idiots

  7. BP says:

    Registered, sent some bitcoins, logged out. Then tried to log back in the next day with the following message:

    Login Problem Error Code 12240

    Does anyone know what this is about? Have I been scammed?

  8. cls22 says:

    looking for loaded credit cards, every vendor i speak to wants to either deal outside market or to finalize early. i just want a trusted vendor to deal with if anyone can recommend someone, thanks.

  9. Ciaokakao says:

    Any way to contact with the owner of this “marketplace”? I tryed to buy from one guy but he is thief and i have disput now for 5 days!! Nothing happend even when i send several message that i can proof he is liar! Stay Away from this site ! Completly full with rippers and trash.

  10. Anderson says:

    Im very scared now. I tried doing a western union transfer deal with a vendor which he said I will deal out the market place with him, he said he will send western union money transfer informations for me to cash out and its gonna take home 40minutes to send me the cash informations, but I have to credit his wallet and send him the screen shot before he sands me the western union cash out. informations. I want you if any has done this transition or is it a scam or lagit

  11. Anderson says:

    If I should go ahead and send him my coin. Because I haven’t done any deal with anyone in any deakweb market, plz someone she addivece me if I should go ahead with with the deal, or recormind me to any market where I can get a legit vendor, please someone should help me out, I just wanna know if its real or fake

  12. FUck Agarthe says:

    Put this site out from your advertistment i have now money 2 weeks in escrow and no answer! The owner of this site seem to be the biggest thief.

  13. tellthetruth says:

    mostly scammer on agartha be careful
    techpenetrator is working with
    and hawk eye are big scammer

    lost around 2000$

    i dont think theres legit vendor on this site
    vendor dont do job agreed upon and steal your money

  14. CordUla77 says:

    everything works for me..
    you can not transfer bitcoin to a segwit32 adress..
    transfer it first to a electrum wallet and then to ur address

    i also ordered few g of green and it arrived.
    u should carefully order, everywhere scammer

  15. Bitman says:

    I get scammed with the vendor called Bestdealer/ worldfaka. I tried to contact customer support many times and no response at all, they are completely scammer never buy anything from Agartha site, unless you want to donate your money, I lost $500 for western union transfer from the dirty vendor bestdealer/ worldfaka.

  16. Anonymous says:

    i wrote my password wrong and got the same problem xD
    it is working with correct password 😀
    i ordered yesterday something and now will wait till it arrives

  17. cls22 says:

    do not trust legitsupplier, vendor scammed me for £550, his reviews aren’t real. most of the vendors on this site will scam you and take your money be aware.

  18. cls22 says:

    do not trust legitsupplier, he scammed me for £550, most vendors on this site will scam you and just take your money so be aware

  19. AL says:

    Hasnt anyone noticed there is only 1(one) verified vendor. He is brucelean, and I expect all other thousand vendors are thieves.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Ok guys I am gonna post a theory. I think alot of this reviews are narcs. Now I am not recommending this site ok? That is not what I am gonna do as I have not used it. But let me tell you if someone is gonna pull a exit scam they tipically are gonna be live and build trust for some decent ammount of time before doing that in order to maximize the profits. What I see here is an Up and coming seller network so unlike already popular markets that would require cops to make a lot of purchases and leave negative reviews or to comment negatively alot of time. They just need to leave 15 or so reviews and that is a major hit to the site reputation. I think this is likely because of course dark web places are not full of the best people but it is very fucking unlikely that every single site is a scam. However in pretty much all of this sites you can find scam reviews. I find it very unlikely that it is a coincidence that in this very popular deep onion web site there are so many bad reviews. At least half of you are narcs probably.

  21. Anonymous says:

    arrived for few minutes and the buds are clean 🙂
    im happy

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